Golden Jubilee : 2003 “ Fifty Golden Years of Montessori Material Manufacture”.

Diamond Jubilee: 2013 ‘Sixty years”.

Sapphire Jubilee : 2018 “Sixty five years”.

We feel proud to announce that “KAYBEE has stood the test of time”!

Facts & Minutiae about our Materials: To date, we receive letters of appreciation and words of praise from quite a few dignitaries, several of our esteemed customers and genuine well wishers, describing “our materials” as those “ of the finest quality available worldwide!” We continue to tenaciously produce material, keeping our quality as “the constant” and our technology as “the variable” barring a few setbacks either natural or climatic constraints which are inevitable.

Accolades: Through the years, at different stages, we have been receiving various awards for production and export – “professional excellence and performance” of our Establishment.

In addition, we have been honoured by the State Government – Directorate for the Welfare of Handicapped, for having fruitfully recruited the maximum number of handicapped persons.

Representations/Conferences/Exhibitions/Congress’s : Over the years, we have been invited to attend and have taken part in various events conducted in many parts of the World and of course our very own Country; and have merited by doing so.

Rehabilitation of the Mentally Challenged : We still continue the tradition laid by Our Co-founder late Capt. Reginald Olencio Sequeira for the empowerment and encouragement of rehabilitation of the mentally and physically handicapped/challenged and differently - abled persons of our society.

We feel privileged to be most humbly and actively involved with the “National Institute of the Mentally Handicapped” in “rehabilitating mentally challenged persons by giving them vocational guidance training” so that they may be able to rise triumphantly above the contrasts and contradictions that beset our present day society.