Object permanence box with a tray

A hollow permanence box with a fixed tray.

Code : 1/IM

Object permanence box with a drawer

A hollow permanence box with a drawer.

Code : 2/IM

Imbucare box full set

A set of five hollow permanence boxes with slots differing in shape and their corresponding coloured

Code : 3/IM

Triangle prism

a. A yellow triangular prism.

Code : 3/IMa

Rectangle prism

b. A blue cube.

Code : 3/IMb


c. A green rectangular prism.

Code : 3/IMc

Small Cylinder

d. A red small cylinder.

Code : 3/IMd

Large Cylinder

e. A red large cylinder.

Code : 3/IMd

Imbucare cylinder box / tray

A built-in cylinder box with a tray and its corresponding cylinders. Two of each cylinder in blue, y

Code : 4/IM

Imbucare box with knitted ball

A hollow permanence box with a drawer and a green knitted ball.

Code : 5/IM

Basic form boards - full set

4 Individual Boards with their corresponding Shapes

Code : 6/IM

4 Individual boards &corresponding insets

Code : 6/Ima

Circle form board

Code : 6/IMb

Basic Form board

Code : 6/IMc

Vertical peg with cubes

Code : 7/IM

Vertical peg with discs

Code : 8/IM

3 Vertical pegs with discs in 3 cols

Code : 9/IM

Horizontal peg with discs

Code : 10/IM

Right-angled dowel with a disc

Code : 11/IM

Rippled dowel with a disc

Code : 12/IM

Chest of drawers

Code : 13/IM

Dressing frames - full set

Code : 14/IM

Infant large button frame

Code : 14/IMa

Infant velcro frame

Code : 14/IMb

Infant zipper frame

Code : 14/IMc