Geography Cards and Models

a)A set of 8 embossed tablets in brown and blue showing the BASIC ELEMENTS of LAND and WATER forms

Code : 1/G


Made of hardboard/masonite in two hemispheres, with the continents cut out as a jigsaw puzzle.

Code : 2/G

Maps of Continents:

a)Map of Africa Political b)Map of Asia  Political c)Map of Australia - Political d)Map of

Code : 3/G

Maps of Various Indian States - Political

a) Made of hardboard/masonite, with the Districts cut out as jigsaw puzzle.

Code : 5/G


A set of 30 National flags of the main Countries of the World. The set comprises of 4 flagstands wit

Code : 6/G

Leaf insets with Cabinets

a)A set of 14 basic leaf shapes as green insets in yellow frames. In a wooden cabinet.

Code : 9/G

Clock with Fixed Numbers

A dial with fixed numbers and manually operated hands.

Code : 12/G

Clock with Detachable Numbers

A metallic dial with magnetic moveable numerals.

Code : 13/G