The Montessori method helps to create opportunities through an indirect approach by providing a carefully pre-planned & Prepared Environment for children to grow in a balanced way thus furthering their self-creative processes.
It encourages them to use the Material and through it, to educate themselves thus enabling them to work in harmony for a higher cause.

KAYBEE SCHOOL EQUIPMENT MFG. CO., is pleased to present it’s Premium range of Montessori Materials to be used according to the Montessori Aims and Principles, for the overall development of the Human Being!

The materials we produce are used in ‘The Prepared Environment’ which is not merely a place for individual learning but realizes the unique needs of each individual child thus merging as part of the community/society needs on the whole.
Dr.Maria Montessori’s philosophy signified “the construction of harmonious personalities in children” by the provision of a suitable environment both for the normal and the deficient (special) children and by applying the same educational principle – which is the foundation of the ‘Montessori Method’.

Children - rich and poor, gifted and special, from a variety of cultures all over the world, have tremendously benefited from the Montessori Method of education.

It also awakens the members of society to recognize the child’s fundamental rights irrespective of race, religion, political or social environments and in doing so, co-operating with other organizations which produce the development of education, human rights and peace.
In this way, we with at KAYBEE keep alive the principles and practices of the Montessori method of education by directly impacting Wholistic Education with a Learning-centered Pedagogical Approach as envisaged by Dr.Maria Montessori herself, the greatest educator of her times!

Our Products

Montessori Equipments

This range covers from age group 0-3yrs , 3-6 yrs, 6-12yrs.

Pre-Primary materials

This range covers other educational
aids / toys .


This contains various furinture to be used in the Prepared Environments.