Stand for brush, broom,dusters etc.

A wooden stand with hooks for hanging accessories such as brush, broom, dusters etc. mentioned under

Code : 1/M

Dusters, dustbin, dust pan etc.

3 dusters: one each for - floor, mopping and dusting; 2 brushes - one carpet brush and a long handl

Code : 2/M

Polishing exercise

3wooden trays with accessories for polishing shoe, brass & wood.

Code : 3/M

Folding exercise

a)One duster with a small star mark in the center.

Code : 4/M

Pouring exercise

A wooden tray with a jug and three glasses marked with guiding lines.

Code : 5/M

Flower arrangement exercise

A wooden tray with a flower vase and a rounded-end scissors.

Code : 6/M

Oil cloth for domestic exercises

Roll-up desk cover in rexine.

Code : 7/M

Buttoning frames: A set of 10 frames

a)Large button frame b)Small button frame c)P

Code : 8/M

Braiding Material (set of 4)

4 Sets for the 4 stages of Braiding activity - 2 fixed to polished wooden boards and 2 fixed to lar

Code : 9/M

Braiding frame (Set1)

Stage 1: Has three thick cords in three different colours fixed to a polished board.

Code : 9a/M

Braiding frame (Set2)

Stage 2: Has three thick cords all in the same colours fixed to a polished board. 

Code : 9b/M

Braiding frame (Set3)

Stage 3: Has thin cords in three different colours in multiples of three fixed to a ring. 

Code : 9c/M

Braiding material (Set4)

Stage 4: Has thin cords in the same colours in multiple of three fixed to a ring.

Code : 9d/M

Nuts & Bolts

A gradation of 4 stainless nuts & bolts mounted on a polished wooden board.

Code : 10/M