Flower construction set

A set of 2 pots 2 stems and 4 sets of flowers with leaves. Propels the child to use both hands and d

Code : 44/PP

Pyramid triangular

Pyramid triangular approximately 10 high, 10 pieces in 10 different colours.

Code : 49/PP

Pyramid round

Pyramid round approximately 10 high, 10 pieces in 10 different colours.

Code : 50/PP

Pyramid square

Pyramid square approximately 10 high. 10 different colours.

Code : 51/PP

Mosaic [assorted]

Mosaic: A set of diamond and triangular shaped hardboard pieces painted in different colours for co

Code : 58/PP Total 40 pieces.

Mosaic [Tile pattern]

A set of 25 hardboard squares (10 x 10 cm). Painted in sections in bright colours. When put togethe

Code : 59/PP

Multishaped prisms

4 pairs of different shaped prisms for fitting into a base board.

Code : 61/PP

Shape sorting set

A set of 5 pegs on a base and 25 tablets in 5 different shapes painted in bright colours. For sor

Code : 62/PP

Match-a-shape set

6 pairs of various shaped tablets cut from hardboard, in 6 various colours.

Code : 65/PP

Colour pairing Prisms

A board with cavities for fitting according to colour 14 round prisms in 7 pairs.

Code : 66/PP

Mushroom board

A base with cavity for 6 prisms topped by balls in 6 colours and painted ring round the base in corr

Code : 67/PP

Colour peg board

A board with 25 pegs in 5 different colours.

Code : 68/PP

Tracing Shapes (Templet work )

A set of 12 tracing shapes (geometrical and others) for tracing, outline drawing, templet work etc

Code : 69/PP

Posting Box

A box with 6 various shaped slots and a pair of each shape inset matching the slots.Altogether 12 in

Code : 73/PP

Posting box

With changeable lids.

Code : 74/PP

Pegs and squares

25 square hardboard tablets in 5 groups, painted. Each group with 1 to 5 holes drilled in them. Thes

Code : 75/PP


A sturdy tray with a row of bolts and a row of wooden screws, with screw driver, spanner and hammer.

Code : 81/PP

Urban/Town Planning Set

Town Planning (40 pieces) comprising of houses, trees, 1 each of church, temple, mosque, hospital,

Code : 83/PP

Road signs

24 International signs. Helps children identify road signals and develops road/traffic/civic sense

Code : 84/PP

Simple form insets

Rectangular board with 6 insets. Insets in one colour, board in a different colour: a) Board of leaf

Code : 86/PP

Basic geometrical form board

A small rectangular painted board with cut- outs of circle, triangle and square in a different colou

Code : 87/PP

Geometrical form board

A rectangular board with insets of 10 geometrical shapes, in a different colour.

Code : 88/PP

Fruit board

A board with 6 cut out removable insets painted as apple, grapes, pear, mango, plum, bunch of banana

Code : 89/PP

Vegetable Board

A board with cut out removable insets painted as tomato, carrot, radish, brinjal, two varieties of p

Code : 90/PP

Face puzzle

A rectangular board with a large face cut-out and painted. This in turn is cut into various parts sh

Code : 91/PP

Body puzzle

A rectangular board with the figure of a boy cut-out and painted. This in turn is cut out into vario

Code : 92/PP

House puzzle

A rectangular board with the shape of a house cut out and painted. This in turn is cut out into vari

Code : 93/PP

Jigsaw puzzles

An assortment of various puzzles, cut into a number of pieces: 1) Camel 2) Cat 3) Cow 4) Buffalo 5

Code : 94/PP

Plain metallic board

Plain metallic board with light blue background, for use with 101/PP to 107/PP magnetic.

Code : 98/PP

Painted metallic board

Metallic board painted as field and sky.

Code : 99/PP

Nature study set ( magnetic)

A metallic board painted as field and sky; with a set of 32 cut- outs painted as sun, 3 phases of th

Code : 100/PP

Domestic Animals

Cut-outs of : 1)Buffalo 2) Cat 3)Camel 4) Cow 5) Dog 6) Donkey 7)Goat 8) Horse 9) Pig 10

Code : 101/PP

Wild land Animals

Cut-outs of: 1) Bear 2) Cobra 3) Deer 4) Elephant 5) Fox 6) Giraffe 7) Kangaroo 8) Lion 9)

Code : 102/PP

Aquatic Animals

Cut-outs of: 1) Beaver 2) Crocodile 3) Frog 4) Hippopotamus 5) Otter 6) Penguin 7) Seal 8) Tu

Code : 103/PP


Cut-outs of: 1) Apple 2) Banana 3) Cashew 4) Grapes 5) Lemon 6)

Code : 104/PP


Cut-outs of : 1) Beetroot 2) Brinjal 3) Cabbage 4) Carrot 5) Chilli 6) Cucumber 7) Onion 8)

Code : 105/PP


Cut-outs of : BIRDS - Group A: a) Bulbul 2) Crow 3) Egret 4) Hornbill

Code : 106/PP


Cut-outs of: 1) Angel Fish 2) Crab 3) Dolphin 4) Electric Ray 5) Gold Fish

Code : 107/PP

Wall rack with fishes

A metallic board with a picture of deep sea water on which fishes could be placed according to the d

Code : 109/PP