Number: A set of Numbers 0 to 9 cut out of hardboard and painted. a)Type 1-6.5 cms. Long . b)Type II

Code : 132/PP

Sand paper figures

Numbers 0 to 9 cut out from sand paper and stuck on hardboard tablets. Same as 37/M.

Code : 133/PP

Counting jigsaw tablets

Counting jigsaw tablets (Self corrective)1 to 10 tablets each cut into two parts by interlocking l

Code : 134/PP

Fishing counting game

12 fishes and 3 rods (with magnets). Fishes are marked with numbers 1 to 10 Numbers 1 and 2 are repe

Code : 135/PP

Number rods

10 prismatic wooden rods in gradation of lengths o 2cms painted alternately in sections.

Code : 136/PP

Addition and subtraction board

A rectangular board with 10 holes horizontally. Below is a square recess for putting the sign (+) o

Code : 137/PP

Calculating blocks

A set of wooden blocks in different sizes brightly painted and marked with figures from 1 to 10. An

Code : 138/PP

Figure chart 1 to 100 Size 58 cm.sq.

Note: 101/PP to 107/PP ; 120/PP; 121/PP & 132/PP are available as magnetic or normal. If normal, sl

Code : 139/PP