Cylinder Blocks

A set of 4 polished wooden blocks with recesses filled up with corresponding knobbed cylinders: Bloc

Code : 11/M

Pink Tower

A set of 10 pink wooden cubes in gradation from big to small.

Code : 12/M

Broad Stairs

A set of 10 rectangular wooden prisms all of the same length with gradation of thickness from thick

Code : 13/M

Long Stairs

A set of 10 red prismatic wooden rods in gradation of length.

Code : 14/M

Colour Tablets (primary)

A set of 3 pairs of small rectangular framed tablets painted blue, yellow and red for colour pairing

Code : 15/M

Colour Tablets (secondary)

A set of 11 pairs of small rectangular framed tablets for colour pairing.In 11 colours: Yellow, red,

Code : 16/M

Colour Tablets in gradation (tertiary)

A set of 63 small rectangular framed tablets in 9 colours, each colour in gradation from light to da

Code : 17/M

Geometrical Solids with cards

a.A set of light blue wooden geometrical shapes in 3dimensions - A cube, a 4-sided prism, a 3-sided

Code : 19/M

Stereognostic Bag

9 Pairs of small wooden objectsand a blind folder. In a sling pouch.

Code : 20/M

Wooden hinged frame(Presentation Tray)

A wooden framed tray containing 3 basic geometrical shapes - triangle, square and circle as blue ins

Code : 21/M

Geometrical cabinet

A teak veneer wooden polished cabinet with 6 drawers and each of the drawers contains geometrical s

Code : 22/M

Geometrical form cards

3 sets of geometry cards in 3 teak veneer wooden polished cabinets. Each cabinet contains 6 series o

Code : 23/M

Constructive triangles

4 sets of triangles in 4 boxes: rectangular, triangular, large hexagonal and small hexagonal.

Code : 24/M

A box for the blue triangles of 24/M

A extra rectangular box for the blue triangles of 24/m set.

Code : 24a/M

Touch boards

1) The first board: Half of it has a rough surface and the other half is smooth

Code : 25/M

Touch Tablets

a) Five pairs of tablets graded in roughness.

Code : 26/M

Box of Fabrics

9 pairs of different cloth textures velvet, silk, cotton, satin, poplin, wool, drill, gauze and jute

Code : 27/M

Sound Boxes

A set of 12 wooden cylinders, 6 with blue tops and bases and 6 with red. Both the sets filled wi

Code : 28/M

Baric Tablets

3 sets of small wooden tablets of different weights -10 of each, In natural wood. The first set is i

Code : 29/M

Thermic Bottles

4 pairs of metal bottles in flannelette bags to be filled with water of different temperatures in pa

Code : 30/M

Smelling Bottles

4 pairs of plastic containers to be filled with different smelling substances.In a box.

Code : 31/M

Taste Bottles

pairs of containers,4 spoons and 4 droppers. Containers to be filled with substances of different

Code : 32/M

Thermic Tablets

5 pairs of rectangle slabs made from glass, iron,wood, marble and felt.In a box.

Code : 33/M