Blackboard 3ft x 3ft

Blackboards are customised according to the requirement:

Code : 101/M

Pencil Stand for 3 Pencils

A rectangular wooden pencil stand in assorted colours to hold 3 pencils horizontally.(1set of 6 Nos.

Code : 103/M

Pencil stand for 55 Coloured pencils

A rectangular wooden block with 11 rows of holes running vertically along the coloured bands, corr

Code : 104/M

Individual Pencil stand (11Nos.)

Individual pencil stands painted in 11 different colours.

Code : 104a/M

Hardboard Base

A rectangular blue hardboard tablet of the same size as the writing paper (No.102/M) as a base

Code : 105/M

Slate 33 cm x 26 cm

One side with coloured lines and the reverse with squares.

Code : 106/M